Innovation Saves

The amount of sleep a person gets each day is directly correlated to the person performance during their daily routine according to new medical technology research and studies. For example, an athlete who gets seven hours of rest as opposed to an athlete who gets four hours of rest is more likely to perform at a higher level mentally and physically. Medical technology has advanced to the point where sounds can be played through an apple iPod or mobile phone device and actually increase the amount of time people stay asleep. Not only this, but medical technology allows the mobile phone of a person to listen to the sound of their heart and determine how many times the persons heart is beating each minute! Advances in medical technology are also giving people access to longer lives. For example, some medical technology will provide individuals who suffer from not enough oxygen entering their lungs to be hooked up to a device which will deliberately pump fresh and clean oxygen into their lungs whenever the person feels short of breath.


This type of medical technology is currently being funded millions of dollars in order to increase the time being spent on the development of the technology, which is based out of Portland, Oregon. Other types of medical technology can be used through the internet such as different software programs which allow patients to conduct tests on themselves in order to see if they are in need of urgent medical attention. As the advances in medical technology continue, the findings will continue to be published on books, journals and online document for the general public to learn more about. The medical technology being implemented into a persons wheel chair is allowing people to move their wheel chair through mechanical use rather than having to move the wheel chair themselves. Jason Hope believes that these medical technology advancements are just the beginning for what is likely to come!

As technology companies such as google, apple and Microsoft begin to see the medical industry as a place where technology can thrive, more devices will be brought to the attention of the public in the next few years. Other smaller technology companies are also receiving funding from some of the larger corporations in order to expand their medical research and crate some really good medical applications! Surgeons are using advancement in medical technology in order to perform life saving surgeries with a higher success rate than if they were not to have access to the medical technology of today. Medical technology is saving lives!